Feature Spotlight: Scrolling with Video

Today I read an article on the Huffington Post website where there was a video with an article. I am sure you have seen this style of article. The video was playing and I started scrolling to read the article underneath. Guess what happened!? The video scrolled with me! At first I was confused. Upon … Continue reading Feature Spotlight: Scrolling with Video

Issues with Social Media: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Definition: act of harming or harassing via information technology networks (social media) in a repeated and deliberate manner. We worry about your kids and their access to social media increasing their likelihood of being cyber-bullied. But do you ever think about what it looks like as an adult?  Is it worse, more painful, or more damaging?  Also, what … Continue reading Issues with Social Media: Cyberbullying

Reflection: Exposure to Privileged VS Underprivileged Part 1

My story of privileged vs underprivileged is simple at it's core: I was blind until I was exposed. Underprivileged in Elementary I spent elementary school at a small Catholic elementary school, not because I was Catholic but because at the time my brother (6 years older) entered school, this was a better academic option than public … Continue reading Reflection: Exposure to Privileged VS Underprivileged Part 1

Negative Social Networking Lesson

A few Octobers ago, I decided a dog would help me ease some early adulthood anxiety. My boyfriend and I went to Facebook to find a local dog rescue that used the foster system to place dogs in appropriate homes. After all, someone knows the dogs and can easily transition them to you, right? Through … Continue reading Negative Social Networking Lesson