Feature Spotlight: Scrolling with Video

Today I read an article on the Huffington Post website where there was a video with an article. I am sure you have seen this style of article. The video was playing and I started scrolling to read the article underneath. Guess what happened!? The video scrolled with me! At first I was confused. Upon … Continue reading Feature Spotlight: Scrolling with Video

Issues with Social Media: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Definition: act of harming or harassing via information technology networks (social media) in a repeated and deliberate manner. We worry about your kids and their access to social media increasing their likelihood of being cyber-bullied. But do you ever think about what it looks like as an adult?  Is it worse, more painful, or more damaging?  Also, what … Continue reading Issues with Social Media: Cyberbullying

Issues with Social Media: Vulnerability and Ridicule

Social media is heavily used. Pew Research reports that 76% of internet users use social networking sites. This is huge! We have access to most of people connected to the internet. It is great for marketing, entertainment, and social support. But what about the downside of this social networking? Are there consequences to using social media … Continue reading Issues with Social Media: Vulnerability and Ridicule

Negative Social Networking Lesson

A few Octobers ago, I decided a dog would help me ease some early adulthood anxiety. My boyfriend and I went to Facebook to find a local dog rescue that used the foster system to place dogs in appropriate homes. After all, someone knows the dogs and can easily transition them to you, right? Through … Continue reading Negative Social Networking Lesson