CARP- Psychology of Perception is Everywhere and I am Stoked!

I am so very excited to talk about CARP. Not carp, as in the fish that we put in ponds, but CARP as in the visual design principle we can all use to make our learning materials wonderfully understandable. What is CARP? CARP is a quick and dirty mnemonic to use when designing anything visual. … Continue reading CARP- Psychology of Perception is Everywhere and I am Stoked!

Reimagined Learning through Digital Storytelling

After watching Richard Culatta’s TEDx titled “Reimagining Learning” I felt invigorated, enthralled, and encouraged. His ideas really spoke to my heart. At the center of the talk is the idea of using technology in education as a way to innovate learning instead of simply digitizing traditional teaching methods. Specifically, there is a difference between putting … Continue reading Reimagined Learning through Digital Storytelling

Free Digital Storytelling Software and Targeted Interventions

I have been seeing a bit of free storytelling software lately for eLearning alternatives to textbooks. For those that are unfamiliar, digital storytelling is the process of taking a narrative and transforming it into a story with motion graphics, moving stills, and voiceover. Sometimes, this includes videos but most the time it is a way … Continue reading Free Digital Storytelling Software and Targeted Interventions

Negative Social Networking Lesson

A few Octobers ago, I decided a dog would help me ease some early adulthood anxiety. My boyfriend and I went to Facebook to find a local dog rescue that used the foster system to place dogs in appropriate homes. After all, someone knows the dogs and can easily transition them to you, right? Through … Continue reading Negative Social Networking Lesson

Exploring New Social Media: Quora

Today I am exploring a new social media outlet. This network has been mentioned a few times in the last few weeks. If it isn’t for me, it is for someone, because it seems to be gaining traction in my network circles. What is Quora? Quora is a social media site in which users ask … Continue reading Exploring New Social Media: Quora