Reimagined Learning through Digital Storytelling

After watching Richard Culatta’s TEDx titled “Reimagining Learning” I felt invigorated, enthralled, and encouraged. His ideas really spoke to my heart. At the center of the talk is the idea of using technology in education as a way to innovate learning instead of simply digitizing traditional teaching methods. Specifically, there is a difference between putting … Continue reading Reimagined Learning through Digital Storytelling

Free Digital Storytelling Software and Targeted Interventions

I have been seeing a bit of free storytelling software lately for eLearning alternatives to textbooks. For those that are unfamiliar, digital storytelling is the process of taking a narrative and transforming it into a story with motion graphics, moving stills, and voiceover. Sometimes, this includes videos but most the time it is a way … Continue reading Free Digital Storytelling Software and Targeted Interventions