Project Management

I work at a company where project management is central to meeting our deadlines. Project management is also central to our planning difficulties and missed deadlines. From what I hear from peers, this is true at any company. No matter what my work responsibilities are in the future, I will always be responsible for managing my own projects and coordinating with a larger team of collaborators. I know this because this is the type of work environment in which I thrive. Without writing a full article on this, project management skills are the glue to my creative design and my work focus. I use project management theory to meet my deadlines, collaborate with teams, and provide timely project design input.

Project Management – JP Enterprises Case Study (Group Project)

Project management is a general skill for those working on teams, especially with outside collaborators. Project management for instructional design is slightly specific to the instructional design timeline. Depending on the theory or design process, the project management may change slightly (i.e. ADDIE vs. SAM vs. Agile). My team and I wrote this document based on a hypothetical case study project. We included sections for Project Gap Analysis, Performance Analysis Report, Project Charter, and Project Plan.

Group Members:  Jamison Patrick, Michele Williams, Ingrid Sutherland, and Dave Matthews.

Download Project Document Here: WebsiteSB+Team_1_Project_Portfolio_141211pm_jem


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