Computer-Based Training

Information and learning technologies include computers, which provide a great delivery tool for our learning experiences. My practice with designing learning for the computer environment is highlighted on this page. Specifically, self-paced learning and online courseware design.

Self-Paced eLearning – The Points of Sailing

A computer-based training is a learning event or course delivered on a computer. Often, computer-based training is self-paced or part of a blended course delivery. For this project, I designed a simple module on the points of sail. I created this for new camp counselors at a hypothetical summer camp. The design document is below. The course was built in Adobe Captivate 8 and published with Captivate 9. I used a vocabulary bank, master slide designs, drag and drop, passing quiz score criteria, and certificate delivery to complete this course module.

Download Design Document HereBURRIS_FINAL_CBT_DesignDocument

The Points of Sailing splash page

Self-Paced Online Courseware – ADDIE-Gile Project Planning Process

I developed an online courseware for a training on “ADDIE-Gile,” a term I coined for this project. The idea is ADDIE and Agile development can be combined in a project environment to design and implement an end product with accuracy, iteration, and team communication. I used storytelling, CARP, and mixed-navigation styles to design an engaging and interactive learning experience for this module. I used PowerPoint, Gliffy, and Captivate 9 to design, build, and deliver this training. I also used BlueHost to for hosting the project.

Download the Design Document Here: strickfadeninte5660draft2haddiegile

The Front Page of ADDIE-Gile Module

Instructional Strategies and Assessments – New Employee Orientation

A document provides information justifying the need and instructional gap for a new employee orientation. This document can be used for many different environments, audiences, and industries. Every project needs a good start on a project proposal to ensure all team members in many locations have the same understanding of a project goal and preferred outcomes.

Download the Design Documentation Here: Alignment Chart Instructional Strategies

View the Website Here:
Screen Capture, New Employee Orientation Home Page