Trends and Issues in Instructional Design

Project Proposal- New Employee Orientation

A document provides information justifying the need and instructional gap for a new employee orientation. This document can be used for many different environments, audiences, and industries. Every project needs a good start on a project proposal to ensure all team members in many locations have the same understanding of a project goal and preferred outcomes.

Download Proposal Here: New Employee Orientation Proposal

Change Report- Project Information Sheet for Small Business Research

A change was proposed for project information storage and retrieval to help research assistants obtain information more easily within a research business. Upon analysis and implementation, larger frustrations were revealed and two job aids were created. This report outlines this change within the small business and what the solutions were to project management problems.

Download Report Here: Change Proposal



The eLearning Family Tree

“The eLearning Family Tree” is an alternative presentation to the emergence of the instructional design field from two parent fields: Learning Technology and Distance Learning. This video is a brief animation of the eLearning origins personified into characters reflecting on history, present, and the future of eLearning.

E-Learning Trends and Issues- Mobile Gamification (Group Project)

This mobile gamification project investigates two learning trends separately – mobile learning & gamification – and discusses the potential of using the two trends together in a workplace setting. Considerations of mobile gamification include the following topics:

  • pros & cons of each trend separately
  • adoption of each trend separately
  • mLevel’s success story as a top mobile gamification company
  • mobile gamification’s potential impact

This project was completed with team members Elisabeth Gallagher and Susannah Simmons.

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Equity Reflection- Tutoring Tommy

As part of my experience studying trends in e-learning education, I was challenged to consider inequity in education. In this website, there is a podcast recording of my reflection in the topic of inequity while tutoring a pre-teen named Tommy. I was in my last few years of college and found this to be a turning point in my understanding of these disparities in educational attainment. I touch on my increased awareness and implications as an instructional professional.

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