Internship in Learning Technology

I am currently completing an internship in Learning Technology at the College of Nursing at Anschutz Medical Campus for University of Colorado.

My project is outlined in my internship plan provided here.

Further, my main project will be an onboarding Canvas course delivered in conjunction with the new faculty orientation currently completed by Human Resources. The module will achieve three main goals:

  1. Provide a school overview, including mission, vision, and philosophy of the College of Nursing.
  2. Teach skill-based information to direct faculty in what resources to use to find information, the online teaching tools, and encouragement for settling into their new position.
  3. Make the new faculty members feel welcomed to the school.

My supervisor will evaluate my success by measuring my accurate completion of assigned tasks and review my application of instructional design skills and theory.

This internship will be completed January-April 2017.