Creative Designs for Instructional Materials

Creativity is at the center of our eLearning user perception. In fact, my own learning often depends on the appeal of a website and professional visual design. Creative design ideas have the potential to distract from learning when not used to enhance learning. Here are some examples of how my own Creative Design skills enhance learning.

Infographic: The Foster Care Child

An infographic is a graphic style used to represent information or ideas. Many times they are used to show relationships between ideas, a change over time, or share data heavy information that is better understood with visual representations. I designed this infographic to address a topic regarding an under served population, namely a foster care child. I hand drew the characters in this infographic using PowerPoint and royalty free stock images. As the eyes move left, the child grows from an infant to an adult. I designed it this way to direct the eyes from left to right and demonstrate the effects of foster care on a child long-term. More information on my design decisions are included in the Design Document.

Download the Design Document Here: infographic_final_burris_reviewed-2-docx

View the Infographic Here:


The Foster Care Child Photo
The Foster Care Child Infographic


Pecha Kucha: Preserving Your Natural Surroundings

A Pecha Kucha is a type of presentation in which you have a 20 x 20 approach where you have 20 slides and 20 seconds for each slide. I used Adobe Spark  to produce this video on my iPad Mini.

Download Design Document Here: vmp_final_burris_portfolio

View Video Here:

Image of Preserving Your Natural Surroundings
Capture of Pecha Kucha Preserving Your Natural Surroundings


Original Instructional Video: Creating a Gay Friendly Culture

My original instructional video addresses issues with homosexuality and culture. I attempted to answer the question of “How do you create a gay friendly culture?” I interviewed three different men who identify as “gay” and asked them the same set of interview questions. I produced this video using an iPad, a tripod, an omnidirectional microphone and iMovie. See the design document for more details on my design decisions.

View the Design Document Here: oiv_final_burris_portfolio

View the Video Here: