Google+ Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) are becoming more popular for connecting with niche communities and keeping up to date within a professional field.

Instructional Design Documents: My Process

As I look back on the last year or so, I realize I have developed a somewhat reusable process for almost every project I do. Often I am working between subject matter experts (AKA Research Experts) and the creative people that make our dreams come true (AKA Web Developers and Programmers). I will admit, I … Continue reading Instructional Design Documents: My Process

My Google+ Tribe (Community)

I am endeavoring to create a Google+ Community for health communications professionals to connect with those who advocate for the same things on the community level. The challenge here is that many times health communications experts are researchers that write research papers but don’t work with their target populations on a daily basis. Comparatively, community … Continue reading My Google+ Tribe (Community)