Blog Hiatus

Hello Readers,

I have taken a hiatus from publishing to my blog in order to concentrate fully on my Masters courses and life. I will post more projects and courses to my portfolio come December and plan to start the regular blog posting in January.

Here is a little bit about my last few months:

In late July I got married…

and went on a honeymoon. My new last name is Strickfaden. Burris, my maiden name, will remain in the domain for this website for the foreseeable future.

We also traveled a bit with friends and family.

And, we ran a fun run! I got 60th. As a former gymnast, running long distances are not my strength, but I made it!

I continue to work full-time at Klein Buendel as and Instructional Specialist.

I’ll be back,

Sophia Strickfaden