Feature Spotlight: Scrolling with Video

Today I read an article on the Huffington Post website where there was a video with an article. I am sure you have seen this style of article. The video was playing and I started scrolling to read the article underneath. Guess what happened!?ScreenShotVideo

The video scrolled with me!

At first I was confused. Upon scrolling back up, the video popped back in to its original place.

How wonderful!?!?!

I could not help but jump to assuming this could have benefits in eLearning course shells. As the learners watch a video, they can read the article text as the video moves on the screen with them. Ah… but is this a mistake? Maybe it breaks attention rules. Sins_LogoThe rule that I know is to provide only one stimuli for each sense at a time; therefore, providing video and text at the same time is an “eLearning Design Sin”.

I am sure this could fit some eLearning contexts. I’ll hold my excitement for now and rely on other wonderful features to keep learners intrigued.