Issues in Social Media: Personal Instagram

To Share or Not to Share

There is advice circulating in my networks about how to keep your personal social media presence separate from your professional. Fundamentally, this makes sense. What you do in your personal time should stay separate from your profession. But, sometimes the lines blur and your life becomes professional and personal all the same. 

Time Restraints

My largest struggle with the separation is the time commitment and details. I don’t have time nor energy to keep up with two Facebook accounts, two Instagrams, two Twitters, two Pinterests AND two totally separate communities. I do have two Twitter handles, but only recently decided this was necessary. This decision was mostly based on assuming I was annoying my personal connections with e-Learning news.

So the question of personal vs. professional may come up while browsing this website. You may wonder, Why is she sharing her personal Instagram on her professional website? This is a conscious decision for me.

Why I Share Personal Instagram in Professional Space

At the time I put my website up I went through my Instagram and figured it was actually something I was comfortable with sharing. Although, I will admit, my posts have changed a bit since I started the website because I am aware of the higher potential for professional eyes seeing my personal Instagram posts.

One benefit to keeping my Instagram public and connected to my Basecamp is that I have the chance to create some transparency. I think there is increase in potential trust by not hiding from the world and sharing openly that I like a certain place or took a picture of a pretty flower.

I share posts about my work tasks:


I try to be artistic sometimes and use my limited photography knowledge:

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#ruleofthirds #birthdayboy #clyffordstill #modernart

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Often, I share my posts about traveling to wonderful places close and far:

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Taylor Lake #coloradolove #boating #dogbutt

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So, follow me if you like; There may be some things in which we share interest.