Welcome to my portfolio! I have experience in eLearning design and implementation. I designed this website to be informative in my skills, growth, and who I am.

Explore, reach out, and share your insights. I would love to hear from you.

A few notes:

Photograph Credits: Most photos and images contained on this website are my own captures. Citations to sources for images are provided when necessary.

Surname: I changed my last name in 2016 from Burris to Strickfaden. Some of my project documents remain with my maiden name, Burris. Other projects contain my married name, Strickfaden.

Design Documentation: I provide design documentation for many projects in my portfolio. Many of my courses required this documentation, while others were free-form and allowed a less structured design process. Both methods of design and development are important to experience and show my flexibility in the processes.

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Website Goals

  1. Demonstrate my skills in eLearning and Instructional Design.
  2. Professionally present my values, design style, and self.
  3. Provide examples of my work in my Master’s of Arts degree in Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver in the School of Education and Human Development (program information here).
  4. Provide professional and academic insights through blogging and biographical information.

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Each work example fits under one or multiple competencies for the Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) Masters of Arts program at the University of Colorado Denver.

Photos below from Pixabay.com “released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.”

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Professional Musings

Keeping up with the learning industry is one of my top priorities. Professional Musings is my outlet for my inspirations, reactions, and updates on the work I am doing. Enjoy!

Instructional Design Theory in Nursing Education – Part 1

Using theory to guide any course design is central to my team’s practice and my design practices. Theory is important due to my environment and what I find to be best practices. Without using theory to guide my design decisions and suggestions, I would be designing blindly, which leads to heavy courses with minimal organization … Continue reading Instructional Design Theory in Nursing Education – Part 1

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